Apple DVD Player 4.6 Available

Among the software updates that were included in MacOS 10.4 (Tiger) was an update to the DVD Player (version 4.5) that is included with the OS. This was a welcome update, as the DVD Player was seriously lacking in some respects.

Today, Apple released the 4.6 version of the DVD player.

New features in the 4.5 update include…

Equalizer: Control the DVD audio with a powerful equalizer, including 10 individual sliders and 4 presets.
Enhanced Bookmarks: Bookmark favorite moments of a DVD for quick access later on.
DVD Navigator: View real-time information about the DVD being played in an onscreen overlay.
DVD Video Clips: Designate a section of a DVD for quick access later.
DVD Video Color Controls: Play your DVDs in the highest quality even in different lighting conditions with on-the-fly video color correction.
DVD Video Zoom: Magnify the video image to reduce or eliminate the letterbox bars that appear on some DVDs while maintaining high video quality.
Dock Icon: Play DVDs live on the Dock when the DVD window is minimized (requires Quartz Extreme).
High Definition: Play DVD Studio Pro 4 authored high-definition video from HD DVD discs and hard drives.DVD Player 4.6 delivers added support for DVD Studio Pro 4 authored HD DVDs. It is recommended for all users of DVD Player.

The 4.6 version, which is now available via the Software Update, includes:

Additional support for playing DSP 4 authored HD DVD folders from DVD discs and hard drives.
Additional support of discs with both SD and DSP 4 authored HD content.
Improved Global Player settings.
Improved usage for last play and disc info dialogs.